W.P. MFG. NY - Mason Shaker & Shake Book February 11 2016, 0 Comments

Hunting for cute, stylish or clever eco-friendly gifts isn't always easy. Especially if you are looking for a gift for the person who has everything! Make gift-giving (or getting a little something for yourself) easier with W.P. MFG. NY - Charley's Picks gifts from Charley & Co.

The Mason Shaker is a unique gift for the cocktail lover in your life. This  four-piece shaker set is stylish Mason Shakerand original. Perfect for rustic settings, backyard soirees, or even camping trips. Add a touch of eco-friendly fun with this gift. Products like these are great because they incorporate existing or found items, turning them into useful and stylish objects that you can feel good about purchasing and giving.

If you want to take the gift one step further, you can add the Shake Cocktail Book.What can you do with water, oil, spirShake: A New Perspective on Cocktailsits and a variety of ingredients? You can make incredible concoctions that will really wow your guests; the only limits to creating your own infused cocktails are your imagination! Vodka is the most common liquor used, but you can use gin, tequila, rum, etc. Fresh fruits, herbs and spices are common ingredients. You can greatly enhance the flavors of spirits by infusing them with things like fresh or dried herbs, peppers, garlic, strawberries, pineapple -- you get the picture.

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