Invisible Threads May 08 2013, 0 Comments

I find it hard to believe that  Charley & Co has been in business for a year now!  In some respects it feels like yesterday that we opened our doors for the first time, but for me personally, I know it is something I have been walking towards all of my life.  I chose the title of this first blog "Invisible Threads" because  out of the multitudes of possibility, these words best illustrate what this experience has been like for me.

First, I must share a story that some may think mere coincidence, but  I know it is pure gift of this journey.  May 24th of 2012, as we were busy preparing for the grand opening of Charley & Co, a young man stopped by the shop.  He excitedly told us he was interested in purchasing the above piece of artwork.  He said that it was so perfect for what was happening in his life at that time. 

Curious, as women will sometimes be (uh hum), we invited him in to share his story.  Our visitor told us that  upon sensing a "pull",  he had decided to take a journey.  He just began to travel not really knowing where or why .  He worked his way from the east to the west coast, and had been camping near our little town of Capitola, Ca.  There he met a young woman and formed an immediate connection.    Tacitly, we all knew that these two had been destined to meet.  He wanted the art piece to give as a gift to her.   We, of course, were ecstatic!  This was our first sale and what a tale to boot!  The invisible Thread that had drawn these two people to each other, had now become a special part of our story as well.

My love and appreciation of design is rooted in my strong sense of interconnectedness.  I believe that simplicity and complexity are but two sides of the same coin.  A good design will always appear simple, but in reality,  it is  a very complex relationship of parts.  To remove one part of the design will cause it to fall sadly short in its ability to function.  I have come to view my life in these terms as well.   The richness with which I function in my life is a direct result of all the parts or "threads" from which it has been woven.  Good, bad, happy and/or sad, every experience has been absolutely necessary to bring me to where I am standing today. 

We are all interlaced  by these threads, and therefore each of us has a unique opportunity to weave our story into this world.  As our threads become visible to us, we look to them for the lessons they hold.  If we allow it, these threads become our teachers.  It is up to us to take this knowledge forward, to use it in a positive way that will allow our world to keep on spinning !

I am so very excited as we head into our second year of business!  I am constantly aware and humbled by the fact that this has never been a solo flight, and I continue to be grateful to everyone who has helped to create the fun and often funky fabric of Charley & Co!





Thanks Parker!