The Story of Starley Bullard-Moore, Custom Furniture Designer June 28 2013, 0 Comments

This is the not-so-unique story of Starley Bullard-Moore, Designer, according to Starley Bullard-Moore, Human Bean, and how she / I came to be in the business of designing custom eco-friendly home furnishings.

I hail from the great state of Oklahoma. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and now I call California home. 

The one truth I came into this world with and has remained true regardless of where I call home is this:  when my physical environment is functioning well, then I can function well and work to my best capacity.  My physical surroundings have a direct impact on my overall well-being.

I have taken, as many of us do, a somewhat circuitous route to this current design profession. My first trip to college yielded a bachelors of science degree in psychology.  My second and third degrees of Mrs. and Mom were earned in the field of life. Somewhere in there I returned to the halls of formal education, and I did my graduate work in interior design. I have experience in both the commercial and residential areas of design. Regardless of venue, I have learned that furniture design fascinates me.

 "Regardless of venue, I have learned that furniture design fascinates me."

To find and incorporate furniture pieces that look great and work great is the fun part of the design process for me. My favorite materials to play with are wood and metal -- especially the older specimens. There are a few reasons for this.  One – they are inherently strong and beautiful materials.   When you make things out of them, they tends to last and look good doing it. Two – the longer you have them, the more character they build. And lastly, because of their longevity, over time they develop their own stories. (Kind of like people, I think!)

I like materials that have a past. I like using them in the present. And when I design a piece of furniture well with these materials, I know that they will also have a future!  To me, that's just plain cool!

"To find and incorporate furniture pieces that look great and work great is the fun part of the design process for me."

So, what's my style? That's easy: simple, but complex.  

I'm personally drawn to all things that have straight, clean lines. Things that are curly – not so much. I like things that have a function and don’t just sit there trying to be cute. Those things become dust collectors. I enjoy environments where furniture styles are mixed and have the ability to evoke memories of a past, present and future.   Break out box: For me, it's not so much about the container where living occurs, but rather how that living occurs within the container. This means that my “style” as a designer can be comfortable in an industrial, steampunk-y, urban loft, it can grow roots in a rustic and funky Midwestern barn, or it can come to light in an airy Gustavian-style coastal cottage. 

I call my interior style “urban rust". Depending on the end- user, the emphasis along the urban- rust continuum varies.  The constant is that the elements are somehow connected through rebirth, repurpose, recycle and/or have a desire to be as eco-friendly as possible. Basically my design process is much like my living process. I like knowing from where I have come. I like knowing where I am in this moment. And I like knowing that something that I do today will have a positive impact in someway on tomorrow!