Custom Designed Furniture July 12 2013, 0 Comments

Don’t let the words “custom design” scare you! It really can be a wonderful and rewarding undertaking! Oftentimes when people think of having something “custom designed” they think – cha-ching! – right? But not necessarily so! Lets walk through a few fun facts regarding the design of custom furniture.


I think perhaps the greatest advantage to working with a furniture designer is that the product you get in the end is exactly what YOU want. It is not like almost right, or worse not right at all. This piece is made just for you and exactly to your specifications. If you are dealing with a good designer (and I shall discuss this issue as well), you are going to get as close to perfect for YOU as is humanly possible.


Before we move on to the reasons to consider custom furniture – I want impart a word of caution. Not all designers – if I can be blunt – should be. Let’s face it - there are those who just shouldn’t be in certain professions and the custom design field is no different. But if you do a bit of homework in advance – (and you read my next blog post) – you should be armed with the knowledge you will need to forge ahead!!!


Here we go – Starley’s Top 8 Reasons to Consider Custom Designed Furniture:


  1. Price – custom design prices can often be better than many large ready-made furniture manufacturers. There are many hidden costs of big business such as in house designers, shipping, advertising, taxes, and the various other overhead costs of running a manufacturing plant and retail spaces. When you contract a custom designer you are working with a small business. You negotiate a price and unless there are some major changes made – that is what you are going to pay!

  2. Time – unless you are buying a piece directly off the floor of a big box store, the time it takes to order from a showroom may actually be longer than it takes for a designer to deliver your piece.

  3. Get involved – when you go custom, it is all about YOU and what you want! You get to be a part and have say in the design and build process – how cool is that??

  4. Unique is the word – your neighbor is NOT going to have the same table you do. Your piece will be a one-of-a-kind!

  5. Is your dream table in a store – then buy it! Don’t go custom if you've already found what you want! What is the point?

  6. You are special! We are all special indeed and your special needs can be addressed when you're working with custom designed furniture! Whether you're the jolly green giant or a munchkin from the emerald city – your specialness is no problem! :)

  7. You can let your mind be at ease when you choose a designer that shares your world views. I, for one, use as many recycled materials in my designs as possible. Repurpose is the name of my game – so no problem if you are of the “green” frame of mind. Bonus – usually going custom means shopping locally, too. It just gets better and better!

  8. And last but not least – if you pick a designer who knows her stuff – your piece is going to last for generations to come! Your piece of furniture is going to have its own story! And that story will grow and expand as your friends and family expand!