Creating Custom Furniture: The Importance of Design Knowledge November 06 2013, 0 Comments

When looking for a custom furniture designer, it's very important that he or she has an in-depth knowledge of the general concepts of design, not just the ability to draw your vision. That’s not to say that your dream piece cannot be made a reality, but there are many important aspects of design that must be considered to ensure that you end up with a piece that you love that will also seamlessly integrate into your space and last for many years to come.

That being said, we've listed out some considerations below that a well-trained designer takes into account prior to building a custom, well-made piece of furniture.

Space Planning & Paths of Travel Around Your Home

Although the fun part of designing a custom piece is picking out the colors, materials and finishes, a good designer takes space planning into account before all of this. A successfully planned space can make a room more functional and make it feel larger. Your custom furniture designer and you should be considering paths of travel around your home. For example, you don’t want to design a dining room table that technically fits in the space...but doesn’t allow your diners to comfortably pull out their chairs and walk around to another space. Or, when designing a living room space, your furniture designer should think about furniture orientation that encourages interaction and socialization. These considerations will help you and your designer with the proportions of your new piece.

Load Considerations – What will your custom designed piece of furniture be used for?

In order to design a strong and lasting piece of furniture, your custom furniture designer must understand what the piece is going to be used for. Is this couch going to be placed in your rarely-used front sitting room? Or, is it one that your three boys will be doing gymnastics on for four hours a day? Does your entertainment center need to accommodate the usual flat screen TV and DVD player? Or, will it be home to the TV, DVD, Xbox, Playstation, surround-sound speakers, 100s of DVDs, and a fish tank? How you plan tol use the piece that has a large impact on the kind of design that goes into it. It can affect the type of materials and joints used, as well as the size and proportion of the furniture.


Has your designer looked at the fabrics and materials he or she has chosen in the actual environment it will be in? Something that looks perfect under the fluorescent lights of the designer’s office may look totally different in your naturally-lit home. The way that the light reflects off of the surfaces in the room may have a dramatic effect on the piece you wish to incorporate as well. These lighting considerations are important to a custom furniture designer.

Choosing a designer that's well-versed in the various elements of design will ensure that you get the piece you’re hoping for. A skilled custom furniture designer will take the entire space into consideration.

And while your vision for the piece is important, there are larger aspects of design that will play a part in making sure that you get a long-lasting piece that looks fantastic (in and of itself) -- as well as in relation to the rest of the space you're designing for.