Attractive Culinary Gifts in Capitola March 21 2017, 0 Comments

When it comes time to own a home, one of the most exciting events is dinner with friends. Not having to go out may seem like an odd idea to the young set, but for those who have traveled, studied and worked hard to be where they are, they understand. Celebrate your accomplishments by investing in the perfect gifts in Capitola that will make the evening enjoyable and beautiful. 

Set the Mood

The first half hour or so of having friends over is about breaking the ice. Nothing is better at that than food. Setting out a great tray of snacks, dips or veggies gives guests an idea of what is to come and can be a conversation starter. A curved wine stave large relish tray holds all your goodies and looks beautiful on a side table. 

Everyone at Ease

When gathering for dinner, it can be hard to decide where to seat everyone. You want to make sure everyone can reach everything and no one has to reach over people. Our wine barrel Lazy Susan looks great and will put everyone at ease. With a simple turn of the tray all the dressings and sides are available for all guests. 

A Unique Touch

Both of these items are made from reclaimed wine barrels. If you desire, the vineyard stamp can be added to the bottom of the Lazy Susan. The hue of wood stained by the juice of grapes and the delicate rounded edges of both pieces makes them functional and beautiful. 

Treat yourself to home decor gifts in Capitola. You have worked hard to create a home and deserve high-end, eco-friendly things. Our Charley & Co. team will help you find the perfect item -- whether this is your first dinner party or fiftieth!