Dryads Dancing Found Locally in Capitola August 10 2017, 0 Comments

Everyone deserves a special gift once in a while. The holiday season is far off in the distance, the summer sun is upon us and it is nice to do something good for yourself. At Charley & Co. we have the perfect unique gifts in Capitola, or online, to brighten your day. 

Savor Memories

Summer days are for lounging around taking the time to reflect. Even if you are stuck in the office, take time out to look at pictures with friends. Make memories mean more than they do when just on the wall of social media by printing them out to hang them on an actual wall. Our reclaimed wood molding frame or salvaged wood layer frame  makes any picture more special. 

Surround Yourself with Good Spirits

Angels are among us, keeping us safe and guiding us to be our best selves. If you are a fan of angels, bring some home from our collection of unique gifts in Capitola. The Dryads Dancing spiral angel is made from reclaimed metal and wood. When she catches a breeze it is as if she is dancing with angels all around us.

If you are in need of more smiles and support, the angel fleet from Dryads Dancing is for you. This set of four angels made from reclaimed wood and recycled barn tin bring happiness wherever they go. Bring home all four for yourself or share this fleet with your squad. 

Summer Beach Vibe

We cannot spend every day at the beach, but with reclaimed wood you may feel a bit of that beach vibe at home. Our starfish looks great over a mantel, in an entryway or in the dining room. The Dryads Dancing reclaimed flag shows your love of sea to shining sea, whether you are by the water or not. 

A Relaxing Porch

The porch is the perfect place for sipping tea at night and coffee in the morning. Decorate your porch or garden so it always feels like summer with the Dryads Dancing insects and watering can. These treasures are made from recycled wood and galvanized barn tin so you are decorating green while working on your green thumb. 

Every now and then you deserve something special. This summer celebrate great weather and relaxing afternoons by treating yourself to unique gifts in Capitola from Charley & Co