Grapefruit body lotion, Grapefruit scrub & Grapefruit candle January 19 2017, 0 Comments

Don't let the gloom and doom of winter get you down! When skies are grey and you are feeling low, raise your spirits with a little citrus magic. It has been shown that the sense of smell has a strong correlation for helping you recall positive childhood memories and days when the sun was high in the sky. Additionally, if you are suffering from allergies, citrus helps open up the airways. Whatever your motivation this winter, banish the gloom with the bright smell of grapefruit.

Our Charley & Co. gift shop Capitola has everything you need to feel chipper in the winter. Start out by setting the mood in your home with our hand-poured, organic soy grapefruit candle. Let the smell fill the air as the flame flickers in a frosted glass jar cute enough to display anywhere.

Your house should not be the only thing to smell good. Scrub away bad vibes with our Grapefruit Gypsy Sugar Body Scrub. Made with grapefruit essential oil, shea butter and coconut, your skin will feel utterly pampered. Don't forget to scrub your heels, spring is just around the corner!

Finally, treat yourself with some Grapefruit Gypsy Body Lotion from the most pampering gift shop Capitola has. Our team found the happiest lotion, made with shea butter, olive oil, lavender, verbena and aloe. If you are feeling tight and dry from the winter weather, apply this lotion after using the sugar scrub in the shower for a fresh spa glow.    

This winter let our Charley & Co. gift shop Capitola team banish your blahs with bright and juicy grapefruit!