Homart / Reclaimed Metal - No Smoking iron sign / Reclaimed metal rooster August 25 2016, 0 Comments

If you are looking for unique home decor for yourself or for a gift, Charley & Company has tons of options. This week's Charley's Picks offer two options for gift-giving or a new addition to your own decor. One is purely whimsical and the other more practical, but they are both decorative and timeless ways to accent the home or office.

Reclaimed Metal Rooster

Made from reclaimed metal drums, no two pieces are alike. Crafted with love by Homart, you'll love these unique additions to your home. This rustic rooster looks great in the kitchen or dining area, or in your living room or den. Great gift for those who appreciate unique, eco-friendly home accents.

Reclaimed Metal "No Smoking" Iron Sign

Kindly remind visitors, tenants or customers that there is no smoking with this No Smoking iron sign. This sign is easily mounted, and is perfect for a residence or business. The sign is hand-painted and crafted of reclaimed metal, so it is eco-friendly, as well.

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