Lazy Susan and Pomegranate & Spruce Relish Jar Candle December 30 2016, 0 Comments

When inviting friends over for a great night in, it's important to set the mood. You know that you can cook, and that you're in good company, the only thing that may be missing is the ambiance. Great decor elements act as conversation pieces and help your guests let go of the stresses of the week to settle in for a great night with friends.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Reclaimed items are wonderful. Not only are they the green choice, but they also serve a purpose and have a story to tell. The wine barrel Lazy Susan from Wine Stave Designs is made from a wine barrel sourced from a local vineyard. Each piece is unique and comes with the stamp of the winery where it first started out.

To bring the ambiance of a winery to your home at dinnertime, set the table with a rustic tablecloth and place the Lazy Susan in the center. Then, arrange a few tasty cheeses with their own knives and pop open a bottle from a local vineyard. The food and drink tell the story of your neighborhood.

Of course, do not forget to set the mood with great scents. Walking through the door, the smell of pomegranate and spruce adds a natural sweetness to the air. The Paddywax Soy Candles from Charley & Co. are clean burning, and create the right ambiance without a lot of soot.

It's all the little things that help you express your personality and create a night your friends will treasure. When planning your next dinner party, visit the team at our Capitola shop to find the perfect eco-friendly, high-quality touches.