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This week, let's talk more about the amazing Hip & Chicks products. The spotlight this week will be on their oh-so-yummy Maui Wowie organic soy candle, as well as their complementing products.

Maui Wowie -- A Vacation In A Jar

Summer is coming to a close, but you still feel like you need a vacation. Aside from hopping on a plane and spending a week or two on the islands, your next best bet is to light up a tantalizing Maui Wowie soy candle

The scent is pure heaven. Coconut and pineapple is a combo that immediately puts you in a different mindset, no matter what the outside weather. Turn on some tropical-inspired tunes and you can leave all your troubles behind. The touch of cilantro in the mix gives a unique and refreshing aroma that will leave you relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

This hand-poured organic soy candle burns approximately 45 hours. They come in a reusable glass jar.

soy candle

If you just can't get enough of this delectable scent, you can also enjoy it in lotion, body scrub and body wash form. 

Enjoy More Fragrances From Hip & Chick Organiks

Indulge in the full line of organic soy candles with fragrances like Grapefruit, Mellow Yellow and Purple Haze.

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