Mellow Yellow - soy candle October 18 2016, 0 Comments

No matter how crazy life gets, you can take a few moments to slow down, relax and breathe. One way to do that is to light a scented organic soy candle. Candles have a way of signaling our brain that it's time to take a break. Whether it's tapers on the dining room table, or a candle at bath time, it creates a mood.

Aromatherapy is another way to create a mood, relax and rejuvenate. Combine the two and the results are magical!

Mellow Yellow Organic Soy Candle

Hip & Chick Organiks candles are made from pure soy and fragrance that comes in attractive, reusable jars. And, they're from a locally owned Santa Cruz, California company!  The fragrances are beautiful, and they burn for approximately 45 hours. This week we highlight their Mellow Yellow fragrance, an intoxicating blend of hibiscus and passion fruit. The scent is fruity and sweet and will put your brain in happy mode.

If you love the scent, it is also available in body lotion, scrub and wash.

Other Hip & Chick fragrances include Maui Wowie, Purple Haze and Grapefruit. These candles make great gifts, although you'll want to keep them for yourself, so you'll need to buy two of everything!

These are just a few of the wonderful gift and decorative items you'll find at Charley & Co. 

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