Moscow Mule Copper Mug & Enamel Cocktail Tumbler January 30 2017, 0 Comments

For every great drink there is an equally great story. Take the Moscow Mule for example, where did it come from and was there a donkey involved? Well, no, but the story is a pretty good one and we invite you to grab a glass (or copper mug) and learn more.

According to Esquire, the Moscow Mule came when three guys ponied up to the bar in 1946. A down on his luck Smirnoff Vodka salesman, a ginger beer making bar owner in Hollywood and a businessman with a great copper mug all crossed paths at just the right moment. One fateful day ginger beer, vodka and a lime found their way into that frosty copper mug and the mule was born. Perhaps it was to carry these three men to success on its back.

Whether or not this is all true, is left for the ages and great vodka aficionados to decide. For you, our team at Charley & Co has the perfect Moscow Mule Copper Mug. The beautiful copper color makes it the centerpiece of any table and it is a great find for unique gifts in Capitola if you have a fan of the Moscow Mule in your midst.   

For those in your company that prefer cold drinks with other spirits, the Enamel Cocktail Tumbler will have them feeling equally special at your party. This is a great cup to hold an ice cold ginger beer or root beer. 

For more unique gifts in Capitola, with a spirited story behind them, contact our team at Charley & Co. today!