Reclaimed metal bird & Paddywax Library Tin Candles October 31 2016, 0 Comments

Are you thinking about holiday gifts for friends and loved ones? Or, does someone have a birthday coming up? Maybe you are looking for something special for your home? No matter what the occasion, Charley & Co. has you covered with a collection of delightful artwork, functional, decorative pieces and lovely gifts.

In the spirit of Halloween, we are featuring a quirky and whimsical offering from Homart that you will absolutely love, as well as a popular Paddywax Candle.

Homart Reclaimed Metal Bird

We just love products crafted from reclaimed materials, and Homart always comes up with the best decorative pieces for the home. These beautiful reclaimed metal birds are perfect for the home, adding character and fun to your living room or any room. These fantastic blue birds are made using reclaimed steel drums, and each one is unique! 

Paddywax Candles

Next up, we just love these Library Tin Candles. From the Library Collection, these cute tins are named after famous authors. This week we feature Edgar Allen Poe. The candles are high-quality, long-burning soy and are hand-poured into decorative, reusable metal tins. These are perfect stocking stuffers!

Stay tuned for more picks from Charley, and feel free to browse our site, stop by our shop or contact us for information on design services, custom work or gift ideas, we'd love to hear from you!