Reclaimed Metal Signs found at your local Capitola Village Store March 14 2017, 0 Comments

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign". This hot lyric from the Five Man Electric Band was popular in the 1970's and the message still holds true today. While we don't like signs as a way to keep people out, we do like signs as a way to invite people in and to decorate your home. A great sign can set a more relaxing mood, keep your kids safe and alert everyone that a four legged friend lives nearby. 

Pointing the Way to Relaxation

After a long day, who doesn't love a trip to the beach. The waves crashing against the sand can help you let go of the stresses of the work week. Even if you cannot get to the water out your back door, a vintage cast iron "Beach" sign is sure to inspire good vibes. Hang this great sign in the kitchen or bathroom and just imagine that the sun and surf are nearby. 

Protecting Kids and Pets

For those with young kids or pets, a gate is the perfect thing to keep a yard safe, while allowing ease of access. Having to tell everyone to shut the gate becomes a task on it's own. Decorate your yard with the "Please Close the Gate" vintage sign from our Capitola Village Store. This charming sign will get the message across in a polite and eco-friendly way. 

A Nod to Charley

At our Capitola Village store we are a fan of pets. Charley has been known to greet visitors on the hunt for the perfect gift. Our love of pets leads to our love of the "Beware of the Dog" vintage sign from HomArt. Even a puppy with a heart of gold can be a great protector. 

Whether you are putting the finishing touches on your yard for spring, or you are looking for something to add character to a room, check out our Charley & Co Capitola Village store. We have all the right signs to point you and your guests in the right direction.