Reclaimed Wood Home Decor in Capitola March 07 2017, 0 Comments

When you are looking for home décor, it makes sense to want to find things that will express your creative side. Right now, a hot trend is to shop for eco-friendly, reclaimed home décor in Capitola. With so many people jumping on this trend, you need to find things that will make your home stand out. This season, dare to walk on the walls and play with the laws of physics. 

Walk A Mile in Someone Else's Shoes

Hooks are a must-have in any entryway. For your keys, jacket, bags and your guest's items, hooks make sure you have a tidy entry that sets the right vibe. Instead of a standard rack, opt for the reclaimed shoe mold wall hook from our team at Charley & Co. We have sourced real shoe molds that were once the basis for what may have been your favorite kitten heels or boots. 

These fantastic hooks have all the nicks and scratches that come with being a shoe horse for years. As you come in from your long day at work, just think about the years of labor these lovelies have also suffered through. As a new bit of beauty in your home, they may make a hard day feel a bit more special. 

Defy Gravity at the Dining Table

When planning a dinner party, conversation starters are a must. For a bit of magical home décor in Capitola pick up a few of our wine bottle balances. Made from a reclaimed wine stave, these great pieces work as levers when slipped over a wine bottle neck. Balancing ever so delicately on the center of your table, your guests can debate over just how they work. 

When looking for new home décor in Capitola be sure to visit our shop. Our team, Charley included, is more than happy to help you find the latest high-quality, eco-friendly items that will be just right for you.