Reclaimed Wood home décor in Capitola March 28 2017, 0 Comments

There is something romantic about reclaimed wood. The edges that have worn away hide a story, similar to how the history of two best friends is woven through time. You never know where the wood and the paint began, but you can be sure where it will be now. This season, enhance your home decor in Capitola with thoughtful reclaimed wood touches. 

Highlight Momentos

We all have that bottom desk drawer or box tucked up in the closet full of treasures that mark times gone by. Moments to be reflected on, kept close to us by the concert tickets, invitations, high school notes or other small relics that we held onto. This season, bring these items out and give them a special place with our Dryad's Dancing Molding Frame. Made from recycled molding the 4x6 frames show off special trinkets from your past. 

Dreaming of the Beach 

One of the mysteries of reclaimed wood is how it got that way. A very West Coast idea we love, is that it washed up on the beach. Days spent drying out in the sun with the salty air, what could be better! Bring in a little beach magic to your home with our starfish reclaimed wood wall decor. Pick up a few of these sea creatures and create an inspiring sea scene. 

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