Reclaimed Wood & Reclaimed Metal Home Decor January 02 2017, 0 Comments

There is a trend going on now that is built on the idea that you should get rid of clutter. Purge your dresser drawers, your kitchen cabinets and your bookshelves in order to bring a sense of inner peace and harmony. While this is a great idea overall, what will be left? When you look around the room, the things that fill the spaces should make you smile; a great piece of home decor can speak volumes about the space that you want to create -- and is worth having. 

Reclaimed Home Decor

Reclaim your space by filling it with pieces that tell a story and have a history. If your preference is to be eco-friendly, look for items that were once used in a different way and have been remodeled into bits of beauty. Reclaimed home decor items from Charley & Co come from metal drums, barn wood and wine casks. These items, oftentimes, were once utilitarian. And now, their softer side has been brought to life. 

For those that love the beach, a reclaimed wood starfish brings great color and character to a room. Hanging a starfish over the doorway to the living room sets a calming tone and reminds us of early morning sunsets with soft wave sounds (even if they are coming from your computer) crashing in the background. 

For those that like a little whimsy, a reclaimed metal whale riding the surf on your desk will bring a smile to your face on a stormy work day. This little blue wonder will have you feeling like a sailor, straight off of the Pacific Coastline, ready for adventure. Whether you are chasing your white whale -- or chasing a deadline -- your desk pal will be there to lead the way. 

At Charley & Co we strive to bring creative and eco-friendly pieces to our Capitola store and website so that you can continue to add to your collections at home. Find something you love to add a little more warmth to your home today!