Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor August 11 2016, 0 Comments

This week's Charley's Picks brings you some beautiful wall art created by Dryad's Dancing. These pieces are a beautiful addition to your home, and have a rustic, coastline vibe that is perfect for your weekend getaway. Or, why not turn your home into one that looks and feels like a weekend getaway?

Each of the following are crafted from reclaimed barn wood. No two are alike, but they are all equally beautiful and come in a color palette that will compliment your rustic, beach-cottage decor.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor: Whale

This charming whale fits beautifully into your coastal-themed decor. He's whimsical and fun, and looks great above the sofa or in an entryway.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor: Starfish

Who doesn't love Starfish?! Like the whale, each Starfish is unique and made from reclaimed barn wood. They're perfect for your beach-themed bedroom or bathroom.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor: Sea Turtle

Whether you're collecting all three pieces or choosing just one, you'll be hard pressed to find something more adorable than this reclaimed barn wood sea turtle. Like the others, these turtles are one-of-a-kind. 

These ocean-themed pieces are a well-made, beautiful compliment to your home on the coast -- or anywhere else in the world. If you have a love for cottage chic, rustic or ocean-inspired decor, then you'll love this collection by Dryad's Dancing. 

Looking for more decor made from reclaimed materials? Check out the Charley & Co. website, or visit our Capitola shop. We would love to see you! Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks.