Small Relish Tray & Large Fruit Tray December 14 2016, 0 Comments

The New Year is the perfect time to make all of those lifestyle changes you have been dreaming about. From big changes to little, it's not the size of the action that matters, but accomplishing the goal that is important. One of the things that people say over and over is that they want to be better to the planet and they would like to "go green". Make 2017 the year that your style takes on an eco-friendly hue. 

Reclaimed Wood Decor Has a Rich Past

There is a luxury to reclaimed wood that you cannot find elsewhere. The grain of the wood tells a story about the life of the tree that it came from. Perhaps the piece had a former life as part of a romantic boat built for two, as a wooden barn post or was once a plank on a dance floor from a time gone by. Reclaimed wood is the lucky piece that gets to fulfill resolutions and become something new. 

As the centerpiece on a New Year's table, consider the small relish tray and large fruit tray from our designers at Charley & Co. Crafted from the stave of a wine barrel, these pieces have a rich hue, thanks to their years spent turning grapes into great varietals. Today these pieces are perfect for serving up homemade hummus, holding fresh berries or providing a pedestal for candles.

Be better to the planet by setting a better table. Bring some new items into your home that have a rich past to remind yourself that everything has the opportunity for change. Browse our collection of reclaimed wood decor online or at our Capitola shop to find the perfect green touch for your home today!