Whimsical Sugarboo Designs - Available Now in Capitola June 13 2017, 0 Comments

Summer days are long, the beach is bursting with energy and the sun is high. Take time out to treat yourself.

Home Decor Elements to Add Whimsy

The handcrafted Smart Elephant Pillow reminds you that "Life is Beauty Full." The gray and yellow color scheme works well with a variety of home decor styles. The whimsical message and smiling elephant are sure to brighten up your day!

Bring calm to your home with a classic symbol. The Driftwood Peace Sign from Sugarboo Designs is made of bits of driftwood. It is a reminder that lots of different little parts make up a beautiful and unified whole. 

A home should be filled with love. The Metal Heart is one of our favorite pieces that we carry from Sugarboo Designs and home decor in Capitola. Reminiscent of the tin man, with a bit more luster, this piece looks great on a mantle or on the top of a dresser. 

Stacked Birds bring a bit of nature into your home. If you have ever watched a bird you know that they are interesting creatures. Birds forage in the ground and it makes you appreciate having hands. Let these two stacked birds help you appreciate all you have in your home. 

The Perfect Pouch for Your Goodies

Take everything you need with you to the beach in our "The Sun is Up" Canvas Bag. The lyrics on the bag will remind you to take it easy and appreciate yourself. 

The Irish blessing on our Wine Bag makes the perfect hostess gift for a summer party. Keep plenty of these on hand to make attending summer gatherings simple. 

Always Ready for Adventure

It is easy to get lost when you are out on an adventure. The Compass with Leather Pouch reminds you to have courage in what you do. No matter how tricky your path, you can always find due North and get back on track.  


Don't forget, summer can go by fast. With the Fungenda Notepad even the most basic chore will bring a smile to your face. 

Great Sugarboo Designs and home decor in Capitola

There are plenty of reasons to come shopping for Sugarboo Designs and home decor in Capitola this summer. For a new addition to the living room or something sweet to take on summer vacation, our team at Charley & Co. has just what you are looking for.