You'll find amazing Paddywax scents in Capitola Village July 12 2017, 0 Comments

The power of scent is an amazing thing. You may be transported to your favorite spot from childhood, stress can be brought to a minimum, and a sense of calm may wash over you. As a small token for yourself, bring a little bit of light home and create an escape without having to go anywhere. 

Mood Enhancing Scents from Paddywax in Capitola

When you are looking for something soothing, the Blue Apothecary Blue Sage and Lavender soy based candle from Paddywax is perfect. Sage is a scent known for it's ability to clear out bad vibes. Lavender has been tried and tested as one of the top scents to banish stress.

For a fresh outdoorsy scent, our Alpine White Woods and Mint candle sits nicely in an enamel camp cup. Mint is quite soothing for those stressful days that you wish you could be spending in the great outdoors. 

Those that like to get lost in a good book will love the Library Tin - Jane Austen garden scented two-wick candle. This is one of the many scents from Paddywax in Capitola that will help transport you into the pages of your favorite novel. 

Add a little sparkle from our collection of Paddywax in Capitola. The Gilt Ember / Resin and Urban Amber and Smoke have deep earthy notes and come in gilded containers which can be later repurposed into vases for your bedroom or office. 

Whatever your favorite scent from our Paddywax collection, it is important to have a clean and even burn. With the Wick Trimmer you can trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting the candle to prevent smoke from ruining the look of the jar or ending up on your walls. 

A Treat for Your Skin 

Here are some more ways to add fragrance to your treasured spaces. Bring some of the carefree feelings of the beach home with you with the Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Hand Wash rich in vitamin E. Pair this with the Sea Salt + Ocean Surf Diffuser from our collection of Paddywax in Capitola to transform your powder room into a vacation spot.

Get your Favorite Paddywax in Capitola

A great scent is not something you may think of as a big deal until it fills the air and it changes the entire feel of your day. At our Charley & Co. Capitola location we have great scents to match your mood. Which Paddywax fragrance is your favorite?