Custom Furniture Design

Charley & co.'s owner and designer, Starley Bullard-Moore creates beautiful furniture from reclaimed lumber and metal and retails them in her Capitola, California store.

Starley can custom design tables, chairs, benches, kitchen carts, butcher blocks, barn doors, bookshelves and a myriad of other options to make the perfect piece for your Bay Area / Santa Cruz Area home. 

Employing her love of simple, yet exquisite design and finely tuned attention to detail, Starley will make you beautiful, eco-friendly furniture that will fit perfectly in any space. 

Custom designed furniture is also less expensive than you think. Prices are usually comparable to furniture you would find in your favorite furniture catalog or mall furniture store. 

Download our e-book, "The Beginner's Guide to Custom Wood Furniture Design" by clicking here.


In the U.S., wood was once a primary building material because it was strong, relatively inexpensive and abundant. Many woods that were once plentiful are now only available through reclamation in larger quantities. 

The wood, originally harvested and milled 50 to 100 years ago from old barns, boxcars, wine barrels, coal mines, old decking — and a multitude of other structures — the wood has unparalleled stability and resistance due to its ability to withstand environmental pressure more readily than newer cuts of wood. 

The choice to use or purchase this exclusive vintage reclaimed wood furniture has many advantages. From a physical standpoint, the grain of the timber — with its tight growth rings — shows the superior density of the wood from ancient trees. The natural, aged patina and color of the old-growth timber is preserved in the manufacturing process and gives the furniture a look and feel that cannot be replicated in new wood.

Using reclaimed metals along with reclaimed wood can create a unique look that gives a rustic feel. Reclaimed metal is generally harvested from old buildings, factories and antique machinery.


These high-quality woods and reclaimed metals contribute to the overall green building revolution of late, which seeks to lessen the impact that inefficient architecture, the use of harsh materials, wasted energy and wasteful use of development space has had on the environment.