The Charley & Co. Design Services

Thank you for checking out my design services. I'm an eco-friendly designer, but it’s really more than just design that I do. My job is to determine what services and expertise you'll need to get your Santa Cruz or Bay Area home redesign done right and in a timely manner.

I speak the language of homeowners, contractors and architects so I am able to manage the redesign process from beginning to end while you go about your everyday life. I have over 15 years of experience performing the various functions listed below. I can design spaces that are small or large, new or old and do one or all of the services to get your re-design done.

custom furniture design

Whether it's a free-standing furniture piece or case goods, Charley & Co. can design and manufacture pieces to meet your specifications. If you are remodeling your family room, a built-in entertainment center might be exactly what the room calls for.  Want to know more about custom furniture design, download our guide, The Beginner's Guide to Custom Wood Furniture Design. I have credentials in interior design and years of experience in custom furniture design assuring that you will receive a top quality and finely finished product. Learn More

redesign consulting

Let's face it, any remodel or redesign of your home, whether it's a small space or a large space, is not easy. It requires time during working hours, money, patience and a willingness to have your home (and perhaps your life) turned upside down for a while. Having a redesign consultant on your side will help you make the right decisions and make the process of a redesign more manageable overall – leading to a better final result and a happier YOU! Learn More

project management

Homeowners are often unaware of the hours upon hours of time required to get the project completed to their satisfaction. If you don’t have the time because of family or work commitments, or simply the patience to oversee a construction project, I can intercede on your behalf. I'll solidify plans with contractors to save you time, hassle and frustration that can come from doing this type of project. Learn More

concept and space planning

The ultimate goal in concept and space planning is to have a room that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also completely functional in its use so that the space flows and feels comfortable. After all, it's your home and it should be livable and lovely! That’s where Charley & Co. comes in!! I have a knack for coming up with plans that work exceptionally well with you home’s capabilities and your budget. I create actual plans based on your home so that you can see how the space will work before building commences. Learn More

interior design

My philosophy at Charley & Co. is to create interior spaces that make sense with your life and lifestyle -- and fit into YOUR home. We can assist with paint selection, furniture procurement, lighting, artwork, flooring, décor, architectural detailing and much more.  Whatever we choose together for your home, we can integrate it into a design that feels natural and comfortable. Learn More

home redesign