Construction Project Management

You may have already decided what you want in your home redesign or remodel, but have you really considered what doing this project on your own will entail? I'm Starley Bullard-Moore. I've done many redesigns on my own homes and clients' homes and simply put, it can be a bear!! 

Here are some examples of things you'll have to deal with:

  • Properly screening contractors and tradesmen
  • Getting overcharged on labor and materials
  • Procuring the correct building permits
  • Correctly scheduling the contractors to not hold up other trades
  • Remedying unforeseen circumstances

Unless you want to coordinate every aspect of the redesign, you should strongly consider hiring someone to manage the process. It will save you time, money and most of all, frustration!

I'll work on your behalf to facilitate communication between each contractor involved to make sure the work is done right, in the correct order and on schedule. Even better, having a properly managed project means that you will likely stay on budget. I personally have years of experience working with contractors and tradesmen, conveying clients' design ideas, keeping the project on task and on budget so you have the end result you desire.