About Charley & Co.

Charley & Co. features many newly designed home furnishings that have been fabricated from reclaimed materials. At Charley & Co., we also offer many inspirational, fun and funky smaller home decor items perfect for gift giving, home embellishing, or just because! We strive to bring you items that are unique, and from what our customers tell us, to this end we are succeeding! You’ll have a fun time shopping in our store, and will also find professionally designed furniture at Charley & Co. We offer free standing furniture pieces as well as case goods. We carry furniture pieces in our store, and we design custom pieces that will meet the specific needs of your home or office space.

Some call our style “steampunk”. Inspired by the industrial revolution of the 1800s, this style is characterized by a setting in which steam power was the primary energy source for the newly emerging industrial technologies. Although steampunk has no set guidelines, it tends to emulate styles influenced by the Victorian era. Steampunk influences also include the “wild west” era, a post-apocalyptic future and retro-futuristic inventions. On the other hand, some may view our style as more Gustavian. Also rooted in the late 1800’s, this Swedish school of design has a heavy dose of neoclassical French sprinkled lightly with Italian Classical. Gustavian decor gives the sense informal comfort laced with restrained elegance.


I call our style “urban rust”. I enjoy an array of design schools of thought. My style is a juxtaposition between the clean and functional lines of the modern design movement and the more decorative and free flowing lines traditional design. Some of my pieces exhibit a strong industrial flavor while others have a more naturalistic and rustic feel to them. When I fall in love with something be it a style or a material, I want to be able to incorporate it into my design! The only rules I have for my personal designs are that they are constructed with quality workmanship to ensure longevity of the piece.

At Charley & Co, we focus on our love for the richness of the past that is inherent in reclaimed materials; we have chosen retail products that incorporate those materials in fun and innovative ways that function more efficiently in today’s world.


We strive to preserve the richness of the past by bringing it into the present. By reclaiming these materials we believe that we are doing our part in the growing global movement toward Green production, which will serve to protect our precious resources for many generations to come.

We are honored to be a part of the Capitola Community and look forward to continuing to grow here and expand our presence!